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The Magnetism Of Vic Sotto

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Vic Sotto is a funny man, star of comedy movies, and host of a noontime TV show here in the Philippines. He had been married once to the very gorgeous actress Dina Bonnevie and they have two kids, Danica and Oyo Boy. But their marriage did not last long and the couple had lived their separate lives now for the longest time, longer than they have been together.

Vic then had a string of relationships, some of whom he sired children, but well for others, they were just short-term relationships. But I believe that even those short-time relationships were very passionate ones, like he really cared about them.

Anyway, why did I write about Vic Sotto? He is fondly called Bosing by friends and fans alike. But why the appeal to women? His women are lovely, mostly Spanish mestiza types. But his latest is co-host Pia Guanio. And I really wonder, why do women fall for Vic Sotto?

Honestly, he is quite handsome in a rugged sort of way. But my goodness! He is soooo thin. He is not the epitome of the hunk or the hearthrob that a lot of women chase after. Not at all. And by now, he is already old! Like 50 years old. But his latest conquest was in her late 20s when they hooked up.

I guess it could be his good sense of humor, as his is of good quality.Or could it be money? Because he can afford to splurge gifts on his women? Or the intimate side of him? That is the side I could no answer.

So what about Vic Sotto? Honestly, I could not determine.

But I have only come to accept Mr. Sotto's magnetism to women when my daughter came. She is tantalized whenever his commercials come on TV. My husband and I agree that it must be his voice. Not really macho type, not deep. Oh, I cannot describe it. And it is not only my daughter but our niece who is a month younger than our daughter. They both get hypnotized by Mr. Sotto.

So I guess, Mr. Sotto is just soooo appealing among the female of the species. Except perhaps me.