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The Next Iphone 'Iphone Hd'

By kingfury on
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Recently on the internet the new 'Iphone HD' or Iphone4 was leaked on the internet. Firstly the Tech Blog Gizmodo of Gawker Media. reportedly obtained Apples Next Gen Iphone HD. The Prototype phone had been left in a bar by an Apple Engieneer who was reportdly Testing the Iphone, when someone picked it up. After the person took the mysterious phone home, he discovered that it was actually a differant type of Iphone, it had been cleverly disguised as an Iphone 3GS, however it was far from it. The Unamed person contacted Gizmodo and Gizmodo bought the Iphone for $5000 dollers. After fidling around it was confirmed that this was truly the Iphone Prototype.

The Phone

The Iphone HD now named, looked amazingly good, however, it was just a prototype model, therefore, no one knows what changes Apple has up it's Sleve. The Iphone HD had a flat back not curved like the Iphone 3GS or Iphone 3G, this suggested that Apple was going for a new look overall. The Iphone HD had a new small Camera on the front suggesting Video Chat Capabilities or Apples iChat, which would definatly be a thumbs up. The Volume buttons are now seperated in two circular buttons, suggesting that this will be a control for the Video Camera as well. The Camera on the back is significantly larger than the Iphone 3GS, which suggests a new improved 5MP camera. Futhermore, the screen also seems to have a upped resoloution ( 980x640?), If the resoloution is truly 980x640 this will mean that the have a better resolution in the whole Mobile Market. It is also noticed that there is also a small mic at the top, showing that there will also be Noise Cancelation.Last but not least, the Iphone HD looks to have the new Apple A4 processor, which would most likly be underclocked, if so the Iphone HD will truly be amazing.

The Specs (Unconfirmed)

5MP Camera with Flash

A4 Processor Chip

Voice Cancelation Mic

Better Casing.

Improved Memory (512MB)

Larger Batery : Improved battery life.

Overall, this seems to be a great looking set of new features, that would definatly push the Iphone ahead of its competeters and I would hope to see more anouncments Soon.