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The Next Michael Jordan

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Ever since Michael Jordan has stepped into the International spotlight in the eighties, there have been numerous hyped "next Michael Jordans." Though some of them did possess athleticism and dunking abilities similar to "His Airness, " ultimately none of them measured up. Let us look into these players.

Kobe Bryant - He is the closest to "His Airness" among this list in terms of accomplishments. He has career averages of 25.3 points, 5.3 rebounds and 4.7 assists. He also has five championship rings, two Finals MVP awards, one Regular Season MVP award. two scoring titles, three All-Star game MVP's and one Slam Dunk Contest championship. Though Bryant may eventually equal or surpass Michael Jordan in terms of championship rings, he would be hard pressed to catch up on the six Finals MVP, five regular season MVP, ten scoring titles. To add to this, Kobe does not have a positive image in the media as Jordan did. He has been caught lambasting Andrew Bynum, threatening to bolt the Lakers for the Clippers and has been accused of rape. Kobe simply does not the charisma and leadership Jordan had.

Vince Carter - He was a North Carolina alum just like "His Airness". He also had the hops and the dunking of "His Airness" therefore he was the next Michael Jordan. While Vince did produce a significant amount of highlight reel, he is nowhere near Michael Jordan. Thirteen seasons into his career, Jordan had already six championship rings while Vince Carter had none. He had repeatedly choked in the playoffs and had lazily been taking jumpshots instead of attacking the rim when he still has the ability to do so. Vince has the tools but never the drive and desire

Jerry Stackhouse - Like Carter, he was also a Tar Heel. Stackhouse was also picked third in the draft just like Michael Jordan and this fuelled speculation that this was it - the next Michael Jordan. But Stackhouse was simply a scorer and was not as well rounded as Jordan. He only has a forty percent shooting average. He has career averages of 18.0 points, 3.4 rebounds and 3.6 assists. These numbers are very far from Jordan's. Stackhouse never really made much in the defensive end.