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The Old Empire Strikes Back. Mardens Beer.

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I am going to do another review on Marsden's Beer, partly because I like it, and partly because I think it deserves some free advertising.

The company itself, was established a long time ago. The Beer I am reviewing is old too.

Old Empire is an IPA, India Pale Ale. The idea of this brew, was to have a decent Ale that would travel well. Considering the travel time was a lot longer then, it would have to be strong, free from mpurities, and be able to withstand a sea journey. This brew was originally made in the 1800s for the British Soldiers on Foreign Service in India, and the time it took was normally some three Months! The brew was made using very good ingredients, including two different types of Hops, Fuggles and Goldings, these are still used today, but this brew was then given another Hopping, with American Cascade Hops.

This modern version, is very much the same as the original, the strength is 5.7% Alcohol by Volume, this is a fairly strong brew, and of course should be drunk in moderation. Marsden's are very responsible when it comes to their products, and they are part of the Drink Aware programme. They tell you on the label that the contents of the 500ml bottle, equates to 2.9 UK units. The recommended daily maximum for Men is three to four units, and for Women two to three units.

The label is verty good, it is clear, which in this clear bottle looks very well, and is also easy to read. It gives you all the information you need. The bottle holds half a Litre, and has the usual Crown Cork, so you need a bottle opener. I was surprised to see a clear bottle being used, traditionally Brown glass is used. This helps protect the contents from the effects of the Sun's rays.

I would advise against drinking this out of the bottle, as there will be a small amount of sediment at the bottom. I recommend you use a clear Pint glass, ideally one not advertising Lager, I personally have a Marsden's glass, which I feel adds to the enjoyment. In my own opinion, this should be drunk at room temperature, but if you like it out of the 'fridge, the choice is yours of course.

This brew comes from the home of the British brewing industry, Burton on Trent, where the clear water comes straight from the ground, with no Flouride added. The colour is very light, almost Golden, and it looks as refreshing as it tastes.

I can thoroughly recommend this IPA to all.