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The Origin Of April Fool's Day

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The Origin of April Fool's Day

It is not known how April Fool's Day came to be. It has a origins back for at least five centuries. We can see where people used it in quotes but no one knows how it actually started. However, some theories about how it started are:

--It is thought that Europe changed the start of their new year as January 1 and those who celebrated it still on the old date of April 1 were fools.

--Some say an ancient king was told by his jester that he could do a better job as king so, with permission of the king, a fool got to be king for a day. A professor who told this story has admitted he made this up as..... an April Fool's day joke. He believes that the day comes from old European festivals that took place around April as the origin of April Fool's Day.

No one is exempt from playing tricks on this day. Even the media has gotten involved in April Fool's Day jokes. The BBC has long enjoyed playing tricks on viewers on April First. Once making up a news story that supposedly claimed Italy had an outbreak of the bugs that destroyed the spaghetti crop. They further reported that the bug was killed and the spaghetti crop would be okay from now on. They then showed footage of Italians picking spaghetti off of trees. This prompted many people to call their station to find out where they could buy a tree that grows spaghetti. One year they even claimed to have developed smell-o-vision and further claimed they were sending aroma over the television prompting many people to call and say it had worked.

So today watch out because pranksters will be up to no good! In summary, beware of fools on April Fool's Day. :)