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The Popularity Of Social Media

Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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Who would have thought at the beginning of the Internet age that there would be a need for social media. The idea of getting online and talking to someone instead of picking up a phone seemed like a foreign concept to most people. Then all of a sudden up pops forums, news groups and message boards on any subject you wanted to talk about. Then came blogging. As if message boards and email were not enough, people felt the need to share huge chunks of their lives with friends and total strangers at sites like Blogger and Open Diary. Now we have blogging on a small scale at Twitter. Twitter allows you to tell your friends or strangers what you are doing at any given moment in 144 characters or less. In other words, tell your friends what you are doing in one sentence.

As if blogging were not enough we now have social networking through sites like Facebook, Myspace, and Ning not to mention interntet dating sites such as Match and Eharmony. These sites allow us to share pictures, videos and messages with whomever we want when ever we want. These sites can be a huge profit making venture if you know how to design a website, run an online business and can spend a large amount of time nurturing them.

As time went on we witnessed the ability to share one's life via video sites like Youtube or go live via video with sites like Blogtv or Stickam.

Now we have a new pheonomenon through social networking in regards to games. People found out you could take social media sites like Facebook and Myspace and form games that incorprate Facebook and Myspace. I have recently found out, from friends and relatives, you are not using these sites to their full potential if you do not play FarmVille, Mafia Wars, Mob Wars, Vampire Wars, Pirate Wars, Treasure Island etc.

So what will the next decade shows us in regards to social media? Has social media gone as far as it can? This phenomenon should be interesting to watch.