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The Purpose Of Holidays And Celebrations

By nicole alfaro on
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What are holidays and celebrations really for? Are they just an excuse to get the family together? Then what are family gatherings for? Well, to me holidays and celebrations have to do with more than just getting together. It has to do with getting together for a certain purpose. Like as if you get together to do a certain duty. Have you ever notice that in a certain Holiday or Celebration no matter what it is something always gets done. For example, Christmas people get together after going to church to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Valentines day has to do with not only being with the one you love but also express your feeling to that one special person who has affected your life in a good or bad way. Thanksgiving is to get together and be thankful for the food at your table and to thank the pilgrims and indians for living together in harmony. In celebrations such as weddings generations from generations get together as witness of the event that will be taking place, the unifying of two people. What to say about Birthdays? I could remember being five and not being able to wait till 16 and then when I was 16 not being able to wait till I was 18 where I would get my car and my licence and all those pillages you get at that age. Now as each year passes and I know my Birthday is coming up and I don't want to get any older. If you were to ask my mom how old she is now she would say 15 but she is not at all and she hates celebrating her Birthday she says it reminds her how old she is, but yet in a birthday you celebrate the fact that you are a year older. So I ask again what are holidays and celebrations for? To gather together to complete that duty. :)