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The Purpose Of Love

Chevis Reed By Chevis Reed on
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I am wirting a book about unity and the attitude hat we nee to take in order to achieve it.

This is a story a lot of thing. It's a story of unity, peace, and true happiness. It's a story about the power of love vs. our love of power. We all are here for a purpose and the only way to find that purpose is to truly love yourself because only then can you truly know and accept who you are and what you were put here to do. Our lives, our reality, our truths are all a direct result of our beliefs and attitudes. Our ability to dream, imagine, and create are what gives us our power. Everything we are as individuals and as a collective people hinges on our motivation and inspiration for thought and action. So what could be wrong with us? What hidden drive is overcoming our love/respect for the people, environment, and our own safety and happiness? It's the most obvious answer of course is the thing we hear about and see the most. Money! The problem is not the money itself but the attitude changes it has influenced since its inception. As humans we are drawn to each other. We crave relationships and companionship and we generally want to get along with everybody. What does this have to do with the money? Everything. The money created its own lifestyle: business. The problem with business is it's never personal. Yet everything we think, do, or experience is personal and makes up who we are. Our world has developed a business mentality instead of a social one. We have so many divisions as people because everything has become so labeled and categorized Winners, losers, black, white, American, popular, thugs, Christians, rich, poor. There are attitudes that come with each label, and lifestyles with each attitude, and Rules with each lifestyle. It's gotten almost impossible for people to realize that the only lifestyle you can live happily is the one created for yourself, and the only label you need is your own personality. It's simple really there are no rebels without rules. If we stopped making so many rules and instead made sure people knew all the information about the benefits and consequences of their choices we would all show better judgment. So this is really a story of free thinking, finding your purpose, and obtaining consistent happiness that can never be taken. It's about the world coming together under the power of love. because if we all loved each other more we would need less rules to stop us from treating each other so bad.