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The Queen Of Ground Beef's Secret Chili & Cheap Noodle Meals

Kimber Watson By Kimber Watson on
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Winter is always the best time of year for a hot bowl of chilli, or soup. Today I am introducing a very simple, inexpensive and simple recipe that will feed about 6 or if there are only two of you, there will be enough to freeze for several meals.

This Chili recipe is easy to remember.

2 pounds ground beef

2 cans chilli beans (Kidney beans)

2 packages of chilli mix

2 cans of crushed tomatoes

Brown ground beef, while cooking the ground beef open your cans of tomatoes and mash them real good. Next you open the Kidney beans. Once you have browned the beef, take all your ingredients and add to a large pot, if you can eat onions you can add them to the chilli or serve then on the side. When pouring the kidney beans in make sure to pour the beans and the juice they come in. You may add water as needed to the chilli.

Bring to a Boil and then let simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes. You can also prepare everything the day before and instead of cooking it that night then the next morning pour the ingredients into a crock pot on high for the first hour and then on low till you are ready to eat.


The Next recipe is so easy and so cheap you will not believe it:

Depending on how many you are feeding or if you want to make some up to last the week all depend on how much spaghetti noodles you use. There are just two of us so we do not have to use all the package unless we decide to make it ahead of time and storing till ready to eat.

Bring your noodles to a boil then cook on medium to low heat as per the instructions on the package, when done, drain them and you use about a half a stick of butter or margarine season it with garlic salt, brown the butter a little then put your noodles in it and fry them for about 3 to 5 minutes. It is half a stick of butter for every two servings.

Serve on a dish and top with Asiago cheese, or you can use romano cheese if you choose. It does taste better with the Asiago cheese which is reasonably in expensive you may buy at your local store or Wal-Mart. This would cost no more than $ 6.00 the cost is not much more than that.

I hope you enjoy!