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The Rains, Me And An Evening With Amazing Life Lessons

Mimpi Gh By Mimpi Gh on
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Credit: S Ray

After all that happened over the week, I thought I needed a break, urgently. I decided to hang out for a while with my gang. So, decked up in my possible best, just to elevate my drooping spirit, I did my hair with the newly found hair styling mousse and decided on the almost new stilettos. I did not want to have yet another bad hair day like the last one I had. The mall is just walking distance from my house and I, as a part of my latest venture toward the go green and save the earth thing, decided to kick the CO2 habit somewhat. I started walking, I started to feel good.It was a beautiful evening with the breeze sweeping over me and the nice fragrance of whatever flowers around, I was having a nice stroll I thought. And guess what, all of a sudden, the deceptive clear sky had signs of black patches and almost instantly it became dark and started drizzling. Even before I could reach the shade, which was only a minute or two away, a downpour began. I thought it was the most heinous conspiracy against my will.

The weather men never warned us against it. But then, what even if they did? Invariably they would go the round about way to touch the eyes and then want us to believe that it’s the ears! I have stopped blaming them long back. Most people have.

My friends, who were running late, decided to abort my over enthusiastic rendezvous and never turned up. They were reluctant in the first place. It was my insistence that had forced them somewhat. They were happy; they had their ways.

The rain was unabated, and I managed to stand under a makeshift shelter and watched the drops getting bigger, and felt their weight on my feet, making my shoes sob at their destiny. It was off putting. Yes, initially it was. But soon, out of some amazing thing that kind of surrounded me at that point in time, I realized that this shouldn’t happen, I mustn’t let this go! I sat down on a bench, together with an unknown bunch of people, and started to watch the most inconspicuous thing that would soon turn into a cannot-describe-kinda-thing. Soon I started to love it. The rain soaked the heat, absorbed the unbearable mugginess and went on to cool the earth. Two of the thrilled benchers went inside the mall and brought some munchies and fuming hot tea cupped in earthy pots. It was as if we were having a party- a monsoon party, full of joy that brought about a feeling of happiness that transcended all shackles. There seemed to be a sense of togetherness, that I never felt with strangers in the weirdest of places. I returned home after an hour or so, completely drenched. The rain having swept me off my vanity had left me awestruck. I could only thank that providence.

And as I got down to write this, I realized that if we could get into whatever happens in life, and love it the way it comes, we could, most definitely, most certainly, enjoy it a little better. We should try to enjoy the little little things in life that make it so lovable, so special and so unique.

So friends, feel the moment, love the moment, take the challenge and appreciate the current situation you are in and most importantly live it.