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The Real Root Of All Evil, Overpopulation.

By sidra on
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In "The Real Root of all Evil, " Pamela Clark argues that many problems that we face today such as, crime, pollution, poverty, and the destruction of the environment is caused by overpopulation. I believe "the real root of all evil" isn't overpopulation! It is the lack of education in our society. Education is one of the most important parts to our lives today. I think most countries today lack a good educational system. Most of these countries have fallen behind becuase of the lack of education or no education at all. If you take the third-world countries as an example, for instance Afghanistan, they are not poor because they are over populated, but they are poor because they lack a good education. If the people were to be educated, they would have skill. Therefore, they would have come up with advanced technology and Jobs that would promise them success. Jobs are very important for a country's prosperity. A country is prosperous when its people are happy and have jobs to be able to live up to the expectations of everyday life. If people have jobs they would be focused on that rather than violence or crimes. The people with job would earn fair amount of money to afford their kid's education. However, education plays a big role in our daily lives, our behaviors and our future. It helps us make good decisions and gives us the ability to make a barier between the good and the bad. People who are educated usually behave good. They live in harmoney with each other. They usually don't get engaged in fightings over little matters. For example, In my extended family, i have got a lot of doctors, engineers and other educated people. I have never seen them in dispute with our other neighbors over little matters. Some of my other family members who were uneducated, would fight and argue a lot. Education means to me a brighter future. Future in which we could defeat crime, poverty and pollution by providing people education.