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The Return Of The Pickle Bologna Sandwich

Joan Young By Joan Young on
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We were at an event yesterday where the food was made by members of one family. One of the sandwiches served was what I have always called “pickle bologna.” What a rush of memories! Back when I was feeding hungry boys and needing to fill them up, this sandwich was a staple, but I’ve hardly seen it since. I suppose it has a stigma of being too pedestrian, low class, to serve in most places. But they are good! I really enjoyed one on whole wheat bread.

It’s really simple to fix up a big bowl full of the sandwich filling, which keeps in the refrigerator for as long as bologna would regularly keep. Of course, it will probably disappear into sandwiches long before it goes bad.

Here’s how to make it:


Bologna- unsliced if you can find it

Sweet pickle relish

Mayo or salad dressing

Buy a piece of chunk bologna, any size. I used to get a fat pound at a time. If you can’t find chunk, you can use sliced, but it will be easier if you can find one without the edge wrapper. Remove that edge wrapper if necessary, but if you have to buy sliced, try to tease it off without separating the slices.

Get out your grinder or food processor. Cut the large chunk of bologna into chunks that will fit in the machine. I use a hand grinder, so my chunks are about 2x2x1 inches, but this doesn’t matter- whatever fits in your machine. Grind it to a hamburger-like consistency.

Dump in some sweet pickle relish, draining some of the juice first. This is to taste. I think I used to add a 10 oz jar to a fat pound of bologna

Bind it together with your favorite mayo, Miracle Whip, or salad dressing.

Spread on bread!