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The Rise Of Popularity For Tofu

By Stephen Peters on
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The Rise Of Popularity For Tofu

A food of Chinese origin, tofu has been used in Asia for over 2000 years. Although tofu has had a reputation for being boring and bland- which it can be, prepared improperly- more and more people are turning to tofu and soy as a whole for a healthy alternative to meat, dairy and egg products. This has been especially true as allergies have become quite prevalent in the every day lives of many people in the United Sates. Tofu is becoming more and more accepted in western culture and as a result, many are discovering all the wonders that tofu has to offer.

Generally, tofu is what vegetarians and vegans have traditionally used to replace meat. Tofu defined is bean curd from coagulated soymilk which is then pressed and turned into blocks. Although that probably doesn’t sound very appetizing at first, it should be recognized that it is an extremely versatile food product that can be used in the most amazing of ways to create delicious meals, desserts, dressings and smoothies.

Soft, or silken tofu, has a high moisture content and is described as having the texture of a fine custard and is mostly used in desserts.

Firm tofu also contains moisture but its texture is much firmer. It can be used in stirfry dishes and soups- or even on the grill!

Extra firm tofu has the least amount of moisture and has the firmest texture from being processed and re-milled. It crumbles well and can be used to replace ground beef.

One of the best recommendations that can be made when using tofu in a meal is to marinate it thoroughly before using it in dishes. This in itself is the very thing that makes tofu ever so versatile and easy to use- its ability to take on the flavors of whatever dish it is in!

You won’t have to look very hard to find hundreds of tofu recipes that are delicious and appetizing. Should you continue to experiment and incorporate tofu into your favorite recipes, you are more than likely to notice a drop in your waistline! Without a doubt, going with tofu is an extremely healthy alternative for those who have chosen to take the upper hand in dealing with their health.