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The Road To Healing Begins Within Our Own Minds

Becky Knouff By Becky Knouff on
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This article does not discourage people from seeking the adivice of medical professionals, it only wants people to be aware of the power they hold within themselves. It encourages people to question their professionals and take an active role in the health care that is provided to them. Please, do not accept everything you are told just because the person speaking happens to have a medical license or degree.

This article is based on the eight year health battle of one woman with Multiple Sclerosis and major heart problems. Her struggle is one which could be that of any one who may happen to read this article. Anyone who reads this article could find something to relate to or something which could help them through their own struggle. The purpose of this article to help people who may suffer as this woman has in dealing with and overcoming severe health problems.

Written off...Presumed Dieing

For eight years she suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and heart problems. Then comes the day that she is told there is nothing that can be done for her. No one at this point will actually come right out and say she is dieing, but it is written on every face who sees her and comes to visit her. She has taken the meds and gotten little to no benefit. Her Multiple Sclerosis is Progressive and she lives life in a wheelchair or in bed depending on the severity of her afflictions for that particular day. To make matters even worse, she is told that her heart problems can not be fixed with surgery.

Then, the fateful statement is made. Yes, she is dieing they will say.

Now, she is written off and presumed to be dieing. Doctors make that fateful statement, "The important thing now is to make her as comfortable as possible." Well, just how comfortable can you make a person you have just told is going to die.

She spends time contemplating her progniosis, as these medical professionals with all their medical jargon, keep testing. poking, medicating, and telling her daily of the little hope they have that she will make it. Even the nurses, aides, and other medical helpers look at her as if they are counting the days until she is no longer here. Waiting to change the sheets in her bed one last time.

Well, something kicks within her, and she will change things herself. Everyone who ever thought she was dieing, and had written her off; will learn to eat their words. What could make a person do such a complete about face and change to such a degree? It can only be the power within her own mind to say, "No, I am not going to die, I will live and not only will I live, but i will get out of this wheelchair and walk like I did before."

Do Not Underestimate the Power within the Human Mind

The power within this one woman's mind made her to get out of her sick bed and began exercising. Yes, it took time. While other people were planning her funural, she was secretly working on her plan for living. She built her strength and was able to get out of the bed. Within one year, she was not only out of bed, but out of her wheelchair and walking just like she had before she had been bound to a wheelchair.

Getting out of the wheelchair was the hardest hurdle, but her saving grace there was that she had never completely lost use of her legs. She had been able to hold onto enough to transfer. This at least gave her something to start with which has led to her not only walking but she even dances now. This was not expected to happen.

The power of the human mind is something no one can measure nor totally comprehend, but the results are clear. Throughout time people have cheated death, overcome insurmountable obstacles, and done things which were believed to be impossible just by using their own minds.

There is no denying that medical science has made major differences in the lives of many people. Lives are being saved every minute, hour, day, and year because of the advances in this ever changing and advancing field. At the same time, we can not deny that our own minds help and greatly impacts how and if we will survive medical conditions.

Some Closing Thoughts

When dealing with any medical condition, we need to seek medical advice, but we can't expect the doctors and medical science to do it all. We must take a proactive approach to our own care and many times we are forced to find our own answers.

Here are a few hepful hints in dealing with your medical condition.

* Ask questions about everything in regards to your condition and treatment. Get as much information as you can.

* If your doctor isn't listening to you, change doctors. A doctor who won't listen is not a doctor who will be helpful and will cause you more frustration which will make dealing with your condition that much harder.

* Don't give up even if the doctors do. As long as you are alive there is hope.

* Find any exercise that you can do and do it. Exercise is crutial to keeping you strong and healthier.

* Stay positive and surround yourself with positve people.

* Find out about other alternatives like nutrition and any thing else which may be able to help you with your medical condition. Don't be afraid to explore the alternatives that are out there.