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The Shoe Collection

By ladychai on
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A woman can never have so many shoes. Call us imeldific or what have you but it is just the way it is. Unlike men who ties the need for shoes in the kind of activities they do, we, women, we tie our shoes on the kinds of activities that we do, the kinds of clothes we wear, the mood that we have, the occasion that we are attending and more.

A typical working woman would have at least ten shoes in her shoe cabinet, that's correct, "at least". Several pairs of black shoes with different heel types and of course, shoes of different colors and different heel type as well.

Yes, for women, the epitome of fashion is our shoes. A fashionable outfit is not complete without a shoe to match. One cannot really say that they are fashionable unless they have every kind of shoes a shoemaker can make. If you check on shoe stands in malls, you will see different kind of shoe styles for women. For this reason as well, shoes for women are often sold cheap as compared to men's shoes.

Currently, I have twenty one pairs of shoes: five black heeled pump shoes, a black stiletto pump, an open toed printed shoe, seven high heel sandals, a wedge shoes, a strappy shoes, two flat shoes, two elevated flip-flops and a rubber shoes yet I am still not satisfied, I still feel like I do not have enough shoes with me as my shoes as sometimes, I still have a hard time finding the right shoe to match my outfit and yet I am not the kind who often go out in a "to die for", "dress to kill" look.

Shoes come in different styles, different colors, different types and different purpose, and women? Well... Women just want to have them all.