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The Step By Step Guide For Changing A Tyre

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Ok let's face it, not everyone knows how to change a tyre. Whether your a mum, dad, teenager or grandparent, you will need to change a tyre sometime in your life, and those call up car services aren't always avaliable in that time. For that, you need to know how to not only change a tyre, but change it correctly. Some assumptions i'm going to go by is that you have a jack of some description lying around in your boot somewhere, possibly under the carpet, as well as a spare tyre and a wheel brace/tyre iron.

1. First things first, you will need to pull over on a flat piece of road, where not only the ground is flat, but where it's safe enough to get under your car and have those legs of yours popping out. Sure a flat tyre is bad, but i'm sure being hit by a car is alot worse. Hazard lights make life easier thats for sure. When doing this, also make sure the car has the handbrake on, and if possible in gear or park.

2. Second thing you need to do is go into the boot of your car and pull out all the tools necessary. You will need a

- jack of some description, in most cases it will be a dangerous scissor life jack, these are very dodgy, yet will do the job.

- Tyre iron/Wheel brace or some other tool to get the wheel nuts off.

3. Next thing you want to do is grab your wheel brace, and just loosen the nuts on your wheel that needs changing. Don't take them out, just loosen, known as "cracking the nut".

4. After doing this, you will need to put the jack under your car, so the car can be lifted. Your jack needs to be positioned under a solid bit of metal that can take the wait of the car. Generally under the door's of most vehicle's there are 2 or 3 notches that are strengthened to take this weight. If these are not avaliable, under a solid part of the chassis or strong join should be fine.

5. Jack the car up slowly, making sure that the jack doesn't bend or slip.

6. The next thing you want to do is take off all the nuts holding the wheel on, and slip off the tyre, nice and smoothly, making sure that you don't knock the car too much. For safety reasons, it's best to slide this just under the car alongside the jack, just to add to safety.

7. Put on the spare, and tighten all the nuts nice and firmly, but don't do them up with too much pressure, as the car is still jacked up.

8. Lastly, undo the jack, move away the spare, and tighten all the nuts up. Make sure they are tight, but not so tight they will be impossible to take off again.

Thats about all for changing a spare tyre. It's really not that involved, however you will be very suprised by the number of people that just don't know how to do it. Changing a tyre shoudn't take more then half an hour to 45 minutes, even for those that are inexperienced. It's a part of life, tyres need replacing. Good luck with your efforts, and make sure you stay safe.

*photos will be added shortly