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The Tna Revolution

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Total Nonstop Action Wrestling is a company that was started by Jeff and Jerry Jarrett. The company started by selling pay per views and not having a regular television show. They then got a deal with Fox Sports Net. This however did not last long and they were soon picked up by Spike. TNA flourished in the Thursday schedule and is getting close to World Wrestling Entertainment Smackdown ratings.

Hulk Hogan came on board in 2009 and they tested the waters with a January 4, 2010 live Monday Night Special. The show was a huge success and on March 8, 2010 TNA moved to Mondays nights.The show did not receive the ratings that were expected since they had to face WWE's flagship program, Monday Night Raw. They tried a quick fix by moving an hour ahead of Raw. This helped increase ratings initially but still did not bring the desired ratings. TNA has since come back to Thursdays and is doing well in terms of viewership.

Despite numerous setbacks and problems, TNA is one of the fastest growing wrestling organizations in the planet. It has gone from a small bingo hall operation to a global presence. Here are the reasons TNA has been successful.

1) The X Division - This high flying, action packed division is what sets TNA apart from the competition. Though others may see it as a new version of World Championship Wrestling's Cruiserweight Division, it has so far included wrestlers who are using a technical style such as Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle and Doug Williams. With the arrival of Jeff Hardy, Rob van Dam and Shannon Moore the division would get a bigger boost.

2) Old favorites - This is would help TNA get name recognition. The influx of established stars such as Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Ric Flair, Sting and Jeff Hardy, Rob van Dam, Kurt Angle help the company as these are names people pay to see.

3) Rising stars - TNA is constantly trying to push younger talent such as AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Samoa Joe, Ken Anderson, Jay Lethal and The Pope. New faces help invigorate the roster and help keep fan's interests. It is unlike the WWE where it is the same Triple H, Batista, Cena and Orton show.

4) Top caliber matches - TNA despite being less than a decade old has put on some memorable matches. Examples are Unbreakable 2005 between AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe, Nashville 2003 between AMW and Triple X and Lockdown 2010 between Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson.

5) Love for the fans - TNA gives importance to people at live events and is very fan friendly. You can get up and close with the stars and take pictures and get autographs. They also have events before PPV's where you get to spend time with their talent. WWE does not let you get close to the stars.

6) The Knockouts Division - The Divas mostly cannot wrestle. Whatever happened to the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita? TNA has people like Madison Rayne, ODB, Sarita, Taylor Wilde, Daffney and Roxxi who can wrestle. Women's wrestling is supposed to be about women's wrestling and not about soft pornography.