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The Trials And Tribulations Of Satellite Television

By joey on
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The stories surrounding satellite television is indeed an interesting enigma at times. First let me tell you that I have had satellite television for a number of years. First with Directv and now with the Dish Network. They both have worked pretty well for me but you have to really understand the total deal with it before hand if you can. First please realize the satellite dish needs a clear shot to the southern sky. If there are trees or bushes in the way you are going to have trouble with reception most likely. Recently I began to have trouble with the reception and my receiver kept saying that it was searching for the satellite signal. Because of past experience I knew enough to go out and look to see if anything was covering the satellite dish. Nothing was on it so I looked at the direction of the dish to the southern sky to determine if it had a clear shot. Well I soon realized that trees had sprouted up more in front of it and were probably the culprit. I took down four trees that were in the way of what should have been a clear shot to the southern sky. Once I did this everything came back and its been working great. I had a similar experience last year as well. Now, it may seem like a lot of trouble to go through but their packages are cheaper than what the cable companies offer around here by far. I have friends that regret getting it because they say its not working for them. What folks don't realize is that they have to keep an eye on the dish and its shot to the southern sky. If something grows in front of it you must cut it down or trim it away. Once you realize this and follow thru it will work pretty well for you. Also in the winter you have to be able to reach the dish to brush off any snow or ice. That also can interfere. If the dish is placed too high where one cannot reach it you have a real problem. Therefore have the tech who installs it place it in an area where you can brush it off. Also know that a thunder and lightning storm can disrupt the reception for a short while as well. This may seem like a good deal of trouble to go thru but I really love satellite television. You really do get many more stations for a cheaper price. I can remember getting a huge package of channels with Directv for about 29 dollars and the local cable company wanted 79 dollars for the same amount of channels. My aunt and uncle who traveled the world in their recreational vehicle used a satellite dish as well and loved it too. I really love it too. Although I am curious about at&t uverse I won't be giving up on satellite television anytime soon. I would recommend it to anyone who understands the parameters that surround it. The reception quality is usually outstanding the majority of the time.