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The Truth About Cafe Selecto Whitener!(Creamer)

Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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Cafe Selecto, very nice.

Cafe Selecto is a whitener, also known as "Creamer", designed to add to coffee or tea. As usual it comes as a powder, and is very easy to use. It is also economical and a viable alternative to fresh milk.

This creamer comes in a white plastic tub, containing 280 grammes of white powder, the tub is a strange shape, but does the job perfectly, and is a handy storage container after use. The screw-on-lid keeps the contents fresh. There is a label of course, which gives you all the information you may need, such as an easy-to-read "Best Before Date". There are also lists of ingredients, nutritional information, and some weird allergy advice, this takes the form of the following two words:- "CONTAINS :MILK"! Well I had a funny feeling it might!

This Cafe Selecto is suitable for vegetarians, and does not contain any artificial colour or flavours. This has a long storage life, as long as you protect it from damp, and flows freely, so you don't even need to spoon it out, as it just pours very freely. I will not list the ingredients, apart from telling you that this does contain Lactose. As regards calories, well reading from the tub, it says the following:-

Energy Per 100 grammes of Powder

1636 kj

387 kcal (meaning there are 387 calories per 100g)

To use this very convenient product, simply add one to two spoonfuls of the powder to coffee, (it is equally suitable for tea of course) and stir. The powder dissolves quickly, and leaves no sediment. This is a very good stand-by to keep in case you run out of milk, but I find it has a nice taste, so can be used instead of fresh milk.

I paid slightly less than the price printed on the label, (£1.39 or $2.27) and find it good value for money. This seems to last a very long time. I also take this creamer on picnics and days out, it is a very good product for this type of occasion, as it will not "go off". Also being a plastic container, it is less likely to get damaged, unlike glass.

In conclusion, I just want to say I would recommend this creamer product by Cafe Selecto to anyone. It is very useful for emergencies, or general use, and it also tastes good. I can not find any disadvantages at all. I use the empty containers for handy storage of items like screws and nails.