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The Truth About Detroit

ma Banks By ma Banks on
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Hi, my name is Malcolm Banks, and am from Detroit Michigan. Ive lived in Detroit all my life, and trust me, it is rough.Over the years people have said Detroit main lost is the killings every 2 out of 3 black kids is committing. Some people think the Drugs have a major part of Detroit"s terrible reputation. Well i am hear to clear all that up. Detroit is a place were many people fold under pressure because of the lack of jobs. This is a cycle that creates individuals to commit crimes and brake laws just to feed them selfs. Yeah, its a problem, in fact its a huge problem because when u got 12 year old kids selling drugs, to put food on the table, then something is not right.

Growing up in Detroit was not rough, because i was use to it. Growing up in Detroit made me who i am. I remember my mom use to struggle to take care of me and my other three brothers wit no job.Seeing that, hurt me inside for ever, because i use to hear her cry, and pray for a change. You can go anywhere in Detroit, and see drug addicts every, people living on the streets, drug exchanges every blink of a eye.The struggle has always existed in Detroit as long as i been alive.The struggle has existed for decades. And it seem like now days everybody is left with no job or sort of income.I am a example of a kid who grew up not homeless, but less fortunate than others. When i was 14 i filled out my first job application.From that day i been filling out job applications since. And that was 4 years ago and i still have not even seen a job interview. When i was 14 and a half, i dropped out of school because i was getting tired of being the bum kid in school because, of my family struggles. Thats when i was forced into the fast life. Selling drugs, committing crimes, not listening to any body. Thats just a little taste of what its like to live in a environment full of people broke but making it day by day.

That comes to show u how u can get easily influenced when your struggling, not caring what u do just to feed your mouth. I am not the smartest or brightest young man there is, but it don't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Detroit needs help. As these years continue to go past, i will continue to let the world no how i feel until something changes. Although people say Detroit is a city of opportunity, i think it is a city of lost opportunity. I love Detroit with all my life, but i hate seeing my Detroit community suffer day by day. From me to you, please help.