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The Truth About The Mister Steamy Dryer Ball

By anessia on
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I enjoy cleaning my house, but one chore I hate, is ironing. I'm always looking for ways to avoid doing it or at least make it a little bit easier. I saw an advertisement on TV for the Mister Steamy dryer balls. It was rather simple add a bit of water inside of the ball and throw it in the dryer with whatever piece of clothing you are trying to remove the wrinkles from; for about fifteen minutes. The clothes come out the dryer ready to wear, well that's what the advertisement wants you to believe anyway; so I ordered them. By the way it's supposed to be a green alternative to using fabric softener and dryer sheets; better for the environment, I was trying to do my part.

I wanted to test it out so I put one dress shirt in the dryer, along with the Mister Steamy ball, for fifteen minutes. Let's just say I wasn't impressed, but disappointed the shirt came out the dryer still wrinkled, I would still have to iron it. Before I gave an honest review I wanted to make sure the Mister Steamy ball is not what it's cracked-up to be; I wanted to be fair. So than I put a pair of slacks in the dryer with just a few wrinkles in them; nowhere near as wrinkle as the dress shirt, but the results came back the same; still wrinkled.

This was a waste of money I would send them back. It was buy one get one free, but they weren't really free. Because if you want a refund you would be minus the $6.99 each for shipping and handling, so that would be like fourteen dollars I would be out of. Maybe Mister Steamy would work on silk clothing, but nothing to thick so I'm just stuck with getting the wrinkles out the old fashion way, ironing.