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The Value Of Scientific Theories

By Justin Dabrow on
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The pursuit of man to explain the natural world have engendered countless scientific theories, each striving to explain the universe and its mysteries. These theories have at times been met with vitriol and harsh excoriation by the public eye. The most belligerent argue that since scientific theories are not fact, they should be treated as incorrect as they may be proven wrong in the future. Such an approach is unhealthy and detrimental to the growth of humankind, as theories spur the growth of human existence, affect the economy, and threaten the credibility of proven former theories.

First and foremost, scientific theories are the basis for many current commonplace beliefs and activities. Opponents of scientific theories would believe that it is only what we experience in day-to-day interactions that formulate how one lives their life. However, even with every intention to avoid effects of theories throughout life, one would find that every attempt would end in failure. Indeed, the acceptance of theories has changed the way humans live their life on the planet. The theory of global warming has spawned a mass effect throughout corporate and government businesses, creating a "go green" mentality whose effects have spurred action from environmental agencies to sports stadiums.

Theories such as the Go Green Initiative have helped struggling economies curtail their spending and create more effective programs for their budget. Governments around the world have sectioned off portions of income to be spent on scientific research and discovery. Individuals that tote the prodigality of such funding is exacerbating debt, do not realize the beneficial aspects of scientific research. Many scientists are determined to produce new products and ideas that would minimize the expenses of travel and living. If more money was routed to this research, future expenses could be lowered exponentially.

Even more important than financial gain, is the importance of accepting the possibility of theories as fact. Though it is true throughout history theories have been disproven, there are twice as many that have been proven correct. By dismissing every theory, humans would be undermining the validity of current facts and threatening the creation of those to be proposed in the future. From today's factual knowledge of the earth being round to the makeup of DNA, humans have opened up a myriad of possibilities in medicine, and learning how to prevent world disasters that would otherwise prove to be deleterious to the world as a whole.

Though it may be far easier to question or criticize scientific theories, it is in the best interest of humanity to keep an open mind and be accepting to new ideas. Expecting a theory to fail in it's inception or after a stated amount of time only inhibits science's beneficial attempts at improving and comprehending the overall state of being. Failure of such embrace may lead to turmoil and a burgeoning economy as well as jeopardize the zenith of humanity's proclivity to search for answers.