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The Visionaries Darkling Lords Power Staves

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The Spectral Knights and Darkling Lords were given four power staves each. While the Spectral Knights were given the power of wisdom, knowledge, light speed and strength, the Darkling Lords got the power of decay, fear, destruction and invulnerabilitiy.All four powers are suprisingly effective and could easily turn the tide of battle. Here are the four power staves.

-Power of decay - Darkstorm was given the power of decay. This power is represented by a giant bat. The power of decay could either make someone or something living older or younger depending on what sacred words are uttered. The decay spell is "By what creeps, what crawls, by what does not, Let all that grows recede and rot!" The reverse spell is "Power of rot, obscuring truth, What once was old restore to youth!"

-Power of fear - Kravex was given the power of fear. This power is represented by a giant spider of fear. The spider of fear is very annoying as it is hard to evade and get rid of. Once hit, the spider splits into more spiders. The spider could also climb obstacles and victimize unsuspecting victims. The sacred words are "Oh mist-filled pits, dark, dank, unclear, Touch all before me with frost-fingered fear!"

-Power of destruction - Cindarr was given the power of destruction. This is in my opinion, the greatest of all power staves as it could level entire buildings and even castles. It singlehandedly broke down the walls of New Valarak and enabled the Darkling Lords to capture the city. The sacred words are "By nature's hand, by craft, by art, What once was one now fly apart!"

-Power of invulnerability - Lexor was given the power of invulnerability. While this is in no way an offensive weapon, it is a great defensive weapon which negates any form of attack and wastes the opponent's weapon. The sacred words are "The arrows turn, the swords repel, Let nothing pierce this mortal shell!"