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The World Cup,Game Of Soccer And An Important Life Lesson

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The football season never had quite this much hype. The whole world is just so crazy about the World Cup. The offline and online communities are threadbare discussing and debating the onfield actions. I am a part of this madness as well. My love for football developed because of my sister who was a great admirer of Franciscoli, then the Uruguay skipper. She was fanatic about the games of soccer and cricket, on both a regional and world level. Her knowledge was enormous, and we used to be more thrilled seeing her toss and twirl in anticipation than the intricacies of the game itself. She was the one who made us understood the game with all nuances. The technicalities were easily understood, not her frenzy though.

Seasons have changed since and so are our priorities but some things in life never change: like films, football, fries, fun, family and friends. We can never get enough of the F words. These are subtly interwoven into some beautiful human reactions - melodrama, swearing, speeches, food, fries, drinks, celebrations, unbeatable fun and a precious family album.

This year is different though; I am all alone at home and enjoying life in a different way. I thought it would be utterly unjustified to let go of the soccer season without being a part of it. It is tradition and I couldn't have defied it. So, in an endeavor to live the tradition, I sat down to watch the game of soccer. I observed something very amazing!

The very next day I got into a discussion about the soccer season and traditions with my boss. He had similar thoughts on this and went about deeper, explaining soccer's relevance to our day to day lives. One single player dribbling one single ball and ten opponent players - planning, plotting swearing at him! And see how beautifully he was dodging through the hurdles, one after the other, eventually reaching the goalpost! Similarly in life, no matter what comes in between us, no matter how many vengeful plots against you, no matter who intervenes between us and our happiness, we can actually live through it all and live our dreams. What comes between us and our dreams? It’s our lack of motivation and zeal. So, if that lone player can reach the goal post and score a goal amidst all the defenders on the field, so can we! It was a great life lesson that my boss helped me realize that day.

I can’t remember the epic moments of the game, I can’t remember how it all went – all I can visualize is the way the players were motivated towards a single goal of winning the game with optimum focus and unfaltering determination. The thought uplifted me from within and as I got down to write this. I thanked my boss who helped me realize one important life lesson that day.