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The World Of Fashion Are You Buying It?

Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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In my line of work, I'm required to wear a uniform and sensible shoes. Think of all the money I save by not having to keep up with fashion for my career! Of course, good sensible shoes are not cheap either, but I only need to buy one pair and I wear them until they are worn out. I guess I invest about $200.00 a year in shoes. So I don't need boots in black and brown, pumps in two or three shades, or heels to match my outfits. I manage with three pair of shoes for the most part. (Add flip-flops in the summertime)

I understand that there is a whole economic structure connected to the fashion industry, and that many jobs are provided. From design, to retail and everything in between, fashion supports jobs and careers on many levels. And now, there are even two or three fashion reality shows on television that I find entertaining.

The thing is, though, that a person can spend a lot of money just trying to keep in step with fashion. In today's economy, I'm hoping that young women understand that they really do not have to conform to the fashion code. Yes, a Coach bag carries a certain amount of status with it, but, ultimately, it simply carries your stuff! No need to go into debt for it. When all is said and done, the purse that is most comfortable to carry, fits your budget and your personality will be the one that makes you happiest.

I happen to have been a young woman back in the "flower child" era. A whole generation literally abandoned the lingerie industry for a few years! Who needs bras and panties? It's funny to think about it now, but looking back, those rebellious years taught me that it is okay to think outside the box when it comes to your wardrobe. There really are things that you just don't need, though I no longer consider bras and panties in that category!

To me, comfort rules the day. And my personal style. If it isn't comfortable and doesn't have that certain "feel" to it, I'm not buying.