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Things Never To Say To A Guy In Bed.

By mandavalga on
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Okay we all do it, you know run our mouths when we really shouldn't. As a person that really has a problem with this, I have often been told that I have "foot-in-mouth disease". This article was inspired by a late night chat with my friends about the worst things we have ever said to a guy when we first saw them all natural. After I got home, I began to think about the subject a little more and decided to write an article on the subject in the hopes that other women would avoid the same mistakes.

So for you ladies her are a few things that should not be said to a guy while he is all natural.

1). "Oh how cute!!!!" Really ladies don't say it, you can think it all you want to as long as you can give a decent reason for that smile on your face. Otherwise, its a definite no-no and a major insult for guys. Guys like to think that their man hood is awesome, so let them have their pride.

2). " On second thought, could we please turn off the lights?". This is really a bad idea too, it really will offend the guy. My friend Brittany said this to a guy that she had been crushing on for a year. It may seem harmless, however this comment was made after she looked at him and burst out laughing. Anyway the guy pick up his clothes and left, turning the lights off on his way out.

3). " So thats where all your hair went!!" or "Did you have a hair transplant or something?" I about fell over laughing when my friend Kay told me this one. She said this to her husband the first time that she ever saw him with out his clothes. She absolutely hates a hairy chest ( thought I meant something else didn't you? ) and now she makes him shave. Anyway, if your man is having difficulty with hair loss remarks like these will not help his confidence or your relationship. Keep the balding comments, no matter how funny you may think that they are, to talk with the girls.

4). "Your almost as big as my ex."- Ladies please, don't ever say it. Its wrong on so many different levels. Seriously, it is a major turn off to guys and a huge relationship killer. It will only lead to trouble and to finding yourself alone. So please just let it go.

Finally ladies I realize from experience that sometimes things just seem to pop out before you think about what your saying, but don't ever insult a guy while he is all natural (unless he is a jerk). Seriously, keep the bad, sarcastic, sometimes funny comments to yourself or only amongst the girls.