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Things Not To Get Your Girlfriend For Her Birthday

By mandavalga on
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Not long ago, I had the privilege of attending my best friend's birthday party. All the girls gathered round to see what her new boyfriend got for her. We all were figuring on jewelry, a spa treatment you know things that a girl might like. However I found that we were all wholly unprepared for what he got her. It was, get ready for this ladies, a brand new bathroom scale and a year membership to Curves Weight loss. The card he got for her was even worse it said, and I quote, " I know you were feeling bad because you are so fat, so I figured these might help you shed some of that extra tonnage." Did I mention the my best friend was the captain of a swim team, lean and actually about 15 pounds underweight.

You may be thinking that I am joking, but unfortunately I'm not. He seriously thought what he got for her was a great gift and could not figure out why she was so upset and why we thought he was a jerk. Needless to say she was very unhappy and they broke up shortly thereafter. Thinking about that situation caused me to wonder how many guys have actually brought things like that for their girlfriend or wives. So I am writing this article for all guys out there who are confused and stumped about what to get for their girlfriends.

Any guy that has had to purchase a present for their girlfriend or wife knows that it is a very nerve-racking and frustrating experience. Especially if she is hard to shop for ( as most guys think that women are). I have several guy friends that relate it to being in front of a firing squad where your life depends on the present: either you walk away completely unharmed, or you're dead. This may sound a little over dramatic but its important to realize that your present will make you one of two things: the greatest boyfriend in the world that all the other girls envy or the worst boyfriend in the world that all the girls think is a jerk. Don't think people will find out what you got her? Think again. We talk guys, and we talk endlessly, whether it be to family members, co-works or to friends, we talk and if you get us a bad present people will know. So while I cant tell you what to get for her, here are a few things that will definitely get you labeled as a jerk.

1. Cleaning Supplies. This really should be a given, but I know guys who have done it and so I am telling you. Guys we as girls we like to keep things clean, but getting something like that is just ridiculous. Irons, mops, brooms or anything like that is a no-no and will put you in the dog house.

2. Weight loss stuff. When you give your girl a present it is to make her feel special and to tell her that you love her and that you are thinking of her. As the guy above found out weight loss stuff is definitely a huge no-no. It doesn't matter if she works out avidly or not its still a no-no. It will make her feel terrible about herself, which can have some serious consequences not just for you but for her as well.

3. Sports Stuff. Unless you know for sure that your girl is an avid sports fan, then stay away from the sports stuff. Likelihood is that if she isn't really all that into sports the gift will be thrown away and it will look like you put absolutely no thought into what you bought. Seriously guys, she may be all smiles out the out side but inside she's thinking "He must have been shopping for himself and decided to get me something so he didn't feel like a jerk. Hate to tell you this dumb dumb but it didn't work, you're still a jerk."

5. Lingerie. Okay guys, any under garments that she gets are best left for her to pick out. Seriously, if you come home with a big bag from Victoria Secret its doubtful she will really appreciate it. Especially if you get the wrong size, body shape and color. Again she may smile on the outside, but inside side she's thinking " What, I'm not good enough for him now? Does he need me to look like the models to be attractive to him? What was he doing in there anyway?" Getting her lingerie is a lot like getting her weight loss stuff, it does absolutely nothing for her and makes you look like a jerk.

6. Anything with a negative character trait. We have all seen the shirts and other items that have words like brat, spoiled, high maintenance, and drama queen written on them. Things like these are not a good idea. While she may laugh at them while you two are together, she does not want one as a present. If she opens up a gift with something like that written on it chances are it will make her feel horrible about herself. It also opens her up to a lot of bad jokes and maybe even criticism from her friends.

Buying a gift for that special woman in your life can be no big deal. If you really want to know what it is that she wants just pay attention to her. In the weeks before her birthday or any holiday she will drop clues as to what she really wants.

By the way guys, you can never go wrong with home made gifts. The things that you get for us don't have to be expensive. In fact you don't have to spend any money at all. Make her a bath and her favorite dinner, give her complete control of the remote and write her a letter telling her you love her and all that romantic stuff. We ladies love romantic stuff like that, and it is a sure fire way to get labeled as a great boyfriend/ husband.