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Things To Consider When Choosing A Dog That Is Right For You

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When choosing the right dog for you it is good to take into account how many times a day you going to be able to walk your dog. Certain breeds require a lot of attention and walks, while some others do not. It is good to do some research on certain breeds to see if the breed you are considering fits your lifestyle. I am a dog owner but I did not do this when I was selecting a dog and now I wish I did because I had to adjust my lifestyle for my dog rather than choosing a breed to fit into my lifestyle.

I have a Black Labrador Retriever who is very active and requires 2-3 times a day walks I only take her out two times a day because I work and I have my mom come over and take her out for lunch if she has some free time. However, because this breed is a very active dog I would not suggest this dog for someone who is not an active sports person. I am an active runner and I choose this breed for that purpose to have a dog to go running with me.

Choosing a dog also requires taking into account the cost to maintain a dog having a dog I tell people is like having a child you have to buy food for the dog, the dog has to have baths along with other grooming requirements and the dog needs love and attention. In addition to this when choosing a dog its good to ask other dog owners how much they pay monthly on food for the dog that way you will know if this is something you can afford.

The hair texture of the dog should also be something that is taken into consideration because longhaired dogs require more grooming than shorthaired dogs and they might shed a little more. In addition, the dog's size for the space you have is also important if you have a small apartment you might want to get a small size breed just for the fact that large size dogs need a little more space to run around. However, small size dogs tend to be more vulnerable and get cold easily and you have to be extra careful that you do not step on them.

Some small dogs tend to take on a big dog personality mainly because they feel that they have to compensate for their size so it is good to remember that small dogs need behavior training as well. I hope that now that you have a few things to consider when choosing a dog it should be easier to choose one that fits all your needs.