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Things You Didn't Know About Men

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5 things you don’t know about men

They want some off time from you

Men like to be with their partner but they want some down time also. Once in awhile, you should let him go out with the boys and let him play alone. Imagine if he never has any time away from you, it would be really restricting for him and he might not appreciate seeing you that much anymore. Too much of something is not good and a moderation of everything is good, this is something you should keep in mind.

They dislike chores

Men for some reasons think that chores are for women. They dislike them but they can do them. There are some men that are very clean and neat but then there are some that are very dirty. They just don’t like to clean up after themselves and maybe because their mom has always done this and they get use to it.

They don’t want to baby-sit

Men love kids but they dislike baby sitting. They think that it’s the woman’s job to take care of children. This is the sad part. We are left with children and they get to play basketball. It’s just not fair.

They cheat

It’s sad to say but men cheat more than women. Women are just good in nature but men cheat and they cheat some more. This is why you need to check him out once in awhile to see if he’s snooping around. If you trust him too much, you might be surprise one day. Men do cheat.

They’re about the figure

Men love the body of a woman. They love to watch beautiful women and this is why you would see them wandering around on your first date. Men love the hourglass figure. Just so you know, if you want to keep up with them. A nice body means a lot to men.

They’re poor at communication

Men hate to talk about relationship overall. I used to date a lot of these types and I know that hey hate to talk and especially about serious issues. They just don’t like it. This is why you need to do your part of keeping it at a minimal so you don’t scare him away.

They wish that you would make the moves

Men are shy and fear rejection as much as you do. They wish that you would make the first move sometimes. You should make the first move sometimes if you like them.