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Three Little Words I Miss You

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It always happens when we least expect it -when we finally got him out of our head, when instead of thinking about him every day, we think about him only every other week. We come to the realization that the relationship is over, and that we most probably won’t be hearing from him ever again.

… until you look at your vibrating phone and see his name on the screen. A simple text with three little words ruins the journey you have started, that of finally letting go. You stare at your phone, waiting, not wanting to open it, contemplating what it will say.

I miss you.

Men and women are guilty of misusing these three little words. Most of the time we don’t even mean them, there are always other motives. Here are a few fundamental thoughts that surround the phrase:

The “I Heard You Were Happy” - I miss you

We have all heard this from one ex or another. Through a friend, he heard you found someone you're happy with, and it’s getting serious. Men always have this caveman mentality of “she’s mine, ” and that usually doesn’t go away when you break up. Let’s be honest, no one wants the significant other to move on before you have. Sending this "I miss you" is just a low blow to the other person, hoping it will mess with the new relationship.

The “I’m Lonely” - I miss you

When either one of you doesnt have someone in your life at that moment to fill the lonely void. Sure you can always call a friend (rebound), but it would be so much easier to have the person you once had back next to you. Your mind automatically goes back to all the good times and forgets the reason you broke up. This “I miss you” is dangerous, stay away!

The “I Want To Make Sure I Can Still Have You” - I miss you

The most common of all, there are two scenarios to this one.

1. You were the one who ended the relationship in this scenario. Your ex most likely waited some time to text you because they were sure you were going to call back eventually and want to see them again. When that never came, they sent you a “I miss you” because we wants what we can’t have.

2. This scenario usually happens when there wasn’t a full blown relationship, but a few months of dating. The casual relationship faded and eventually you both went your separate ways. Then when going through your phone, you see his/her name and remember the time you guys spent together and wonder where you are at. The only reason this “I miss you” is sent, is to make sure he still has you when ever he wants.

Few times do we really mean what we say/write, this is why I will always be here to translate the phrases that get lost in translation.