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Tin Eye.Com: An Amazing Reverse Image Search Engine

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For quite some time, I was having some difficulty in identifying and getting more information on certain products while having just their images to work on. Using the popular search engines with search words, which I thought best described the products, did not give me the desired results. I was then given the link of TinEye.com, and asked to give it a try. I was amazed with the results. It tremendously cut down the search time, allowing me to concentrate more on my other activities, now that I had the basic information that I required.

My curiosity now kindled, I decided to use and find out more about this website.

TinEye is a visual search engine or a reverse image search engine as the developers refer to it as. You can submit an image either by a hyperlink or by uploading it. The search results throw up all versions of this image that this search engine can find. It does not show similar images, but the exact images for which you upload/submit hyperlink and those that have been edited or resized.

The website and technology has been developed by Idée Inc. and they use a digital signature methodology to retrieve matches. Currently they have a database of over 1.8 billion images, with millions being added every month. From the further sampling that I did, I got results for around 65% of them. This can only increase over time, as more and more images get added over time. While, I got pretty impressive results, I cannot say the same for every user, as it depends on what they are searching for and how recent it is.

Some of the uses of TinEye are

Information about and identification of an image.

Finding out if a copyrighted image has been duplicated.

Finding better resolution as well as modified images for those that are free to use.

Locating the source of the images.

Features of TinEye

It's free to use, and you have the option of registering. However the free usage is restricted to 50 searches a day or 150 searches a week. They have a commercial option as well for professionals who are likely to use their service very often.

They let you compare images between the ones you submit and the search results.

A great feature that they have added is the right click plugins for Firefox, Chrome and Safari, which allows you to do the search by right clicking an image without going to the TinEye url.

The site is quite easy to use and also has a faq section to guide you.

I would recommend you give Tineye.com a try. You will be impressed with its results.