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Tips For A Hassle Free Holiday Travel With Kids

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Travelling with kids should be fun for the whole family. There are times though that parents feel stressed due to the demands of travelling with little kids. I have experienced travelling with my 3.5-year old and 1.5-year old a couple of years ago and I can say that it was a great holiday.

Here are some tips to consider before and while travelling with kids and spending a holiday somewhere.

Search for a place or holiday destination in advance. Websites of different holiday destinations are great help where all the necessary and important details that you want and need are readily available.

Plan your itinerary ahead. Hotel or resorts have buses that bring their guests to different tours and destinations, then drop the guests back in the afternoon. The most common tours are those to the zoos and museums which kids would really enjoy. Planning your itinerary ahead of time will allow you to think of activities that will provide fun, not only for you, but most specially for the kids.

If you opt to stay in a resort cottage, apartment or hotel, make sure to book for a room that will have sifficient space for your kids to play, roam around safely and spacious enough to accomodate a crib for the little one.

If you are having an air travel, make sure that kids will be seated in between you and your husband/wife so that you can both share the responsibility of looking after the kids and attending to their needs.

If you are travelling in a car and will have a long drive, make sure that the kids have enough toys or even art materials that will keep them entertained during the entire travel.

Snack for the kids should be readily available or easily accessible in the car or even in the plane. This is to make sure that the kids won't get hungry which will lead to tantrums while travelling.

In your holiday destination, make sure that there are activities that are open for kids to participate in. Some hotels have baby-sitting services as well as play areas where you can leave the kids playing and having fun. However, the security in logging in and out the kids MUST be seriously considered in services like this. There are play areas where parents have to scan their thumbmarks in a small machine and do the same for them to log our their kids.

If swimming is one of the activities that you are expecting to do, make sure that the resort offers a safe pool environment or beach areas have life guards.

Consider to bring a cuddly toy or a small pillow, or anything that your kids love to carry and sleep with at night. This is to make sure that you will have no problem putting them to sleep at night. Some kids have difficulty adjusting in different environment.

In family holidays like this, fun and enjoyment for everyone is the main purpose. We, moms and dads want the relaxation that we cannot get during ordinary days where all we have in mind is work, errands and chores. There should be time to unwind with the family and kids, and we want to make sure that time is worth all the planning and preparation.