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Tips For Learners And New Drivers

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For new drivers, especially the young ones and student drivers, driving a car is exciting but oftentimes nerve-wrecking experience. This is due to lack of driving experience and not knowing what to anticipate in the road while driving.

I was lucky to have a very good driving instructor (although very expensive too!) who was very patient with me and really did not let me go to the driving licensure test until he was sure that I will pass it.

Two years of driving has been very exciting, adventurous, learning, and most of all, confidence-boosting experience for me. Here are some of the tips that new and learner drivers must put in mind to be able to survive the early days of your driving safe and sound. However, the following also goes to even already experienced drivers:

Make sure that you have your license with you all the time. Don't leave it at home. Driving without your license is illegal.

Don't move your car unless your seatbelt is fastened as well as that of ALL your passengers.

Lower the volume of your mobile ringtone or mute it before you drive. There is no way you should answer a phone call anyway while driving. You can always ring back callers once you arrive at your destination. If you are expecting important calls, you MUST pull on the side of the road and stop driving before answering the call.

Observe speed limit where ever you go. Drive at least 5kph lower than the allowable speed. Getting used to driving on the exact speed may make you prone to overspeeding especially when the road is downhill. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Stick to your speed limit eventhough some drivers behind are honking and showing impatience. New drivers are sometimes pressured by impatient and honking drivers behind that they opt to increase their speed.

Put your foot ready on the brake whenever you are approaching pedestrian lanes. Some pedestrians have the habit of popping out of nowhere and running as they cross the pedestrian lane.

Learn simple mechanical thingy about the car. How about learning how to pump in some air if your tire needs a bit more of air? Or filling in the water or checking the engine oil level? I know I really sound here like a learner still, need to learn mechanical terms as well.

Keep important numbers readily available, like your car insurance company's number for road assistance, as well as family members or friends'. Having it ready will save you heaps of troubles in waiting for help when you need it most.

Remember that knowing all the road rules and the law in your state regarding driving is the main key to becoming a good and confident driver. Experience is a perfect teacher. Learn from all your experiences and aim to be the best, responsible and law abiding driver that you can be.