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Tips For Playing Megaman 1

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This is where the Megaman franchise all began. The game was quite revolutionary as you could choose the order in which you complete the stages and that you could absorb your opponents' weapons and use it. Who knew that this game starring a robot with an arm cannon would spawn dozens of sequels in several platforms? Here are some tips to make things easier for you in Megaman 1.

1) Remember to be careful in getting hit - Unlike newer versions of Megaman which have energy tanks, this installment does not have any. Energy tanks have not yet been invented.

2) Watch out for the spikes - The spikes mean instant death. In later games you can cheat this by absorbing a hit from the opponent but that does not work in this game.

3) Get the magnetic bridge - In Elecman's stage, you could find the power-up called the magnetic bridge. This bridge could be adjusted in length and could help you cross pits and spikes. It would also help you access power-ups such as extra lives, energy and weapon refills.

4) Remember the boss weaknesses - Megaman works using the concept of rock, paper and scissors. Each boss is weak to a certain weapon that is acquired from another boss. Here is the list of boss weaknesses.

Bombman - weak to the Fire Storm

Fireman - weak to the Ice Slasher

Iceman - weak to the Elec Beam

Gutsman - weak to the Hyper Bomb

Cutsman - weak to the Guts Arm

Elecman - weak to the Cut Blade

5) Memorize patterns - Basically everything in this game has a pattern. Minor enemies attack with a pattern. Stage bosses have patterns too. This applies for obstacles as well such as platforms and disappearing blocks. Memorizing patterns helps you to be one step ahead of the opposition.