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Tips For Playing Megaman 2

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Megaman 2 is the sequel to the successful Megaman 1. It features more of the same but with some enhancements. The game now comes with a password feature which saves your progress. Also, energy tanks are introduced. Energy tanks refill your energy meter. Furthermore Megaman has three vehicles which enable him to go to unreachable areas and escape enemies and obstacles. The famous Dr. Wily castle is first seen in this game as well. Also, you cannot go back to stages you have completed. Lastly, the game now features eight robot masters which is up from the original six.

The game is a basic platform game that has alternate routes. There are some points as well that have obstacles and traps. The hardest part of the game for many is the portion of Quickman's stage which contains energy beams that moves so fast. One hit from these beams and its out to the big robot factory in the sky. Here are tips on how to beat the game.

1) Collect energy tanks - Energy tanks could bail you out big time against robot masters as well as Dr. Wily's minions in his castle.

2) Memorize attack patterns - As with the first game, minor enemies, bosses and robot masters have attack patterns. Knowing them will help you avoid getting hit and vanquishing them.

3) Take note of the passwords - Get a piece of paper and record the passwords as you move along to save your progress.

4) Know the enemy weaknesses - Enemies each have a weakness and immunity. Here are the weaknesses to each robot master.

Flashman - weak to Metal Blades

Quickman - weak to the Flash Stopper

Woodman - weak to the Atomic Fire

Airman - weak to Leaf Shield

Crashman - weak to Air Shooter

Bubbleman - weak to Metal Blades

Heatman - weak to Bubble Lead

Metalman - weak to Quick Boomerang / Metal Blades