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Tips For Playing Scrabble

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Scrabble is a tile based game whose goal is to make words out of the letters that you draw from a tile pool. The game involves a rack for each player and a "hand" of seven tiles. The tiles are placed on a board which contains letter and word bonuses. Each tile that is used is replenished until the tile count reaches seven tiles.The goal of the game is to outscore your opponent when time runs out. Here are some tips on how to win.

1) Get a scrabble dictionary and try to know as many two and three letter words as possible - This helps you maximize tiles and help you tremendously when the board becomes locked up. This also helps you lock up the board if your strategy is to play defensively.

2) Block opportunities for bonuses - Bonuses under the right conditions can devastate you. Imagine the opponent having access to a bonuses when he has a high value tile or when he is forming a word with a high point total. Letting your opponent help himself to these bonuses will severely lessen your chances for victory.

3) Play defensively - Unless you are a person who knows a lot of bingo words or have an extremely high scrabble vocabulary, try to play by playing tiles close to each other and by hindering the use of several sides of the board. As long as you know a lot of two, three and four letter words, you would be alright.

4) Hit the bingo - Try knowing bingo words. Bingo words are words that use your entire rack of letters. These are given an automatic bonus of fifty points. Hitting a bingo not only increases your score but also demotivates the opponent.

5) Maximize the important tiles - Blank tiles, S tiles, Z tiles and X tiles should be used when the time is right. They should not just be used to make low scoring words. Try as much as possible to use them to maximize bonuses.