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Tips For Playing Super Mario Bros 1 For Nes

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Super Mario Brothers 1 is an iconic game which is one of the most popular of all time. It is has sold over forty million copies worldwide. It has been a contributing factor towards the rise of the Nintendo Entertainment System and the video game industry as a whole. The game catapulted a Brooklyn pasta loving plumber into a household name. The game itself is very simple but can get challenging as the game progresses. Here are tips on how to play the game.

1) Watch the timer - The timer for each stage is three hundred seconds. Once you reach ninety nine seconds, the music changes into a faster and hurried sound. Once the timer hits zero, time expires and so does Mario. Finishing a stage faster also gives you a higher score.

2) Hit the "?" blocks - These blocks contain all sorts of goodies from coins to power mushrooms to starmen to fire flowers. While it is not necessary for you to hit them, they make life easier by giving extra lives and making Mario more powerful.

3) Hit the bricks - While most bricks contain nothing, some bricks contain coins or mutliple coins.

4) Try the pipes - Try entering the pipes. They serve as short cuts and some are storage rooms for coins. Just be careful of the piranha plants.

5) Memorize attack patterns - Since this is an old game, each enemy has limited number of attack patterns. Knowing how to vanquish each foe helps tremendously.

6) Know the secret blocks - There are secret blocks throughout the game that contain coins or 1-ups.

7) Collect coins - One hundred coins is equal to one extra life.

8) Use warp zones - Try to discover the locations of the different "warp zones." These are special shortcuts which allow you to skip stages and make you advance the game faster.