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Tips On Child Safety In The Home

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There is so much to do when having a young child in your home. Safety proofing your home is one of them. There are so many emergency visits at the hospital that could have been prevented. You can never do enough to child proof you home before bringing a baby home from the hospital. Yes, a baby as they grow up so fast and get into everthing. You will be glad you did.

Ways to child proof your home

Child proof you kitchen:

Make sure all sharp objects such as knives are all up and out of sight.

All chemicals are out of reach.

Child locks on any cupboards that need to be out of sight out of might sorta thing

When using the stove have children out of the kitchen and always turn your pots and pans handles inword to prevent a child. reaching up and grabbing it.

Child proofing your bathroom:

Make sure all chemicals are out of reach.

Always test bath water before putting your child in the tub.

Have rubber mat to prevent slips.Always be in the bathroom to supervise to prevent drownings and burns of a child turning on the taps.

Bring the phone in with you and never leave a child unattended.

Child proofing your windows:

Always cut the cords on your blinds and never place a childs crib or bed near the windo to prevent strangling.

Child proofing to prevent Electrical Shock:

Cover electrical sockets and never place cords out in the open for tips or possible stanglations.

Other Safety Tips:

Never have a child on your lap when drinking a hot beverage as children are quick and will try to grab it.

Never let your child play near the laundry room.

No CPR as children do sometimes choke on food. As so do adults.

have a medical kit on hand and a fire exstinguisher.

Now child proofing your home is one thing but always supervision is the best safety proof you can have. Remember all it takes is a second and an accident can happen. All children have a job and that is to learn and explore. Your job is to make their home safe to do so.