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Too Much Hype About Converse Shoes

By ladychai on
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Converse shoes are like the epitome of teenage fashion. A typical teenager just got to have one. During highschool and college years, everyone finds a person cool or popular if he has a converse shoes especially the Chuck Taylors.

Personally I like to have converse shoes, if only it is not expensive. Yes, Converse shoes are expensive here in the Philippines that is why only limited people gets to have more than one pair. But nevertheless, the history of Converse is very rich, from monopolizing NBA through Chuck Taylor and Jack Purcell until filing bankruptcy and selling the company to Nike.

I guess the reason why many teenagers like Converse shoes is because it is very convenient to wear, unlike with those bulky rubber shoes we now have, the design and the contour of these shoes is fitting for day to day usage.

The only time I had a Converse footwear was when I had to buy a slipper during our summer party and it was really nice to walk on and yes it really cut a lot out of my salary but it was really swell. I love the design and how it feels when my feet touched the soles of the slippers. It is just too bad though because my nanny stole it.

I still see many of my officemates wearing Converse, in fact everytime there is a Converse sale here in Cebu, I am pretty sure I'll find my officemates there scouring for good Converse deals.

I plan to buy my very own set of converse shoes because all I had way back college and highschool was a Jack Purcell imitation and I loved that shoe very much, I even wear it almost everyday.

With the new designs Converse offers, I am sure there is bound to be one just for me.