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Top 5 Real Time Strategy Games Of All Time

Allan Kirkland By Allan Kirkland on
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Black and White

Over the years I have played many games from many genres. Some of them are still my favorite and I still find time to have a go at them whenever I can. Strategy games are very addictive in nature. Earlier I used to play only games having first person shooter or racing in it. Later on I took on playing strategy games. Below are the top 5 strategy games of all time according to my perception and gaming experience.

1. Black & White :

Released on March 27, 2001 by Electronics Arts and developed by Lionhead Studios. This is an amazing game and even after so many years since its release I still find it entertaining and fun. At a price of just $9.99 it is very much affordable.

In this game you play the roles of a God who is trying to get as many followers as you can. There are many tribes in Black and White, eight to be exact. They are Aztec, Celtic, Greek, Japanese, Egyptian, Indian, Norse and Tibetan. You will be able to perform many miracles to gain the tribes faith but you don’t really have total control over the people. This is what makes it more interesting. The more miracles you perform for the people the more people follow you but more miracles are only possible when more people follow you. This game is something you need to enjoy for yourself and feel the excitement and realism.

2. StarCraft:

This game was created and published a long time ago on March 31, 1998 by Blizzard Entertainment. It’s a real time strategy game allowing up to 8 players maximum. You can get this game for $12.99.

The real good thing about this game is that Starcraft did a really good job of molding its story in the game play. There are many distinctive races in this game along with many units, spell abilities and bases which are all unique and very clever. Even with such complexity the gameplay is really good. This game has a good lasting appeal as because even when you are done with the skirmish more there are many different maps and campaigns all over the web for you to play with.

3. Company of Heroes:

This is a game developed by Relic and published by THQ, with who you might be very familiar with if you have played a good amount of games in the recent years. On September 11, 2006 Company of Heroes was released in the US. This game is not for children as the contents are for mature users only with a lot of blood and gore and very strong, violent and intense language. Like all the others this too supports multiplayer gaming, allowing up to 8 players. Price of this game is about $29.99.

One little phrase from the history books can give you an idea of what the real plot of the game is, “World War II”. Many games previously as well as now are still based on the events and after effects of the war and this one is no different. This is an excellent RTS game and the attention to the details as well as the adaptable play and fast action really makes this game stand out. This game really set the standard and paved a path for future World War II strategy titles. The maps in this game are really very challenging for players, which creates an amazing experience right from the start to the beginning of the game.

4. WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos

This game is also from the production house of Blizzard Entertainment. This game was released on July 3, 2002. This RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game allows up to 12 players to play simultaneously instead of the traditional 8 players. It is suitable for Teens and not children as there is a lot of blood and violence in it. Priced at $29.99 it is worth the money.

If you search the web to see how many copies of this game has been sold till now you will understand how much people love this game. A lot of changes have taken place in this title since its earlier versions. The quests in the game are more like objectives. The Heroes in this game have some really awesome set of spells which can be really understood when you play the multiplayer version with some human opponents. The interludes in between the game sometimes might seem to hold back the action but it really progresses the story forward in a smooth flow. You will like the cutscenes. It’s a fine tuned and polished game.

5. Age of Mythology:

On October 31, 2002 Microsoft released Age of Mythology which is developed by Ensemble Studios. This is also a RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game supporting up to 12 players. At a price of just $19.99 this is one title I would personally recommend you to buy. This game is rated for Teens as there is violence and bloodshed in it.

If you have heard about Ensemble then you probably know that they also created the Age of Empires series which also another RTS game but compared to that one Age of Mythology is much more polished and gripping. In this game you will be able to play with three different mythological legacies – Greek, Egyptian and Norse. Each of these legacies has their own set of mythological creatures and mighty heroes along with support from their Gods. Each god has its own side and tries to use the siege to express their repressed rage and violence. The story is really very interesting and it keeps you glued to the game for a long period of time. The gifts from the gods, the mythical creatures and the quests are all well thought out. For me this game is like a gem for the genre and the benchmark it has set will not be surpassed that easily.

Final thoughts

After more than a thousand words of explanation I would simply say that if you love RTS genre then you have to own these games. I will not take any excuses. If you already have these games with you then please share your thoughts and experiences with me. What are your top 5 strategy games? Let me know.