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Traditional Filipino Games

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Philippines has many traditional games. Most of these are still being played in the rural areas especially during town fiesta. Games like patintero, luksong-tinik, palo-sebo, piko, taguan, sipa and sungka are the most common games being played in urban and rural cities. Kids who are not fortunate to have expensive gadgets spend time and have fun playing these games.

Patintero - It is a popular street game among Filipinos especially kids. Sometimes kids do play it at school while waiting for their time or in a safe vacant space at home. It is also called Tinubigan, Patubig or Lantay-Lantay maybe because of the markings players need to set first before starting the game. How to play Patintero?

Sungka - One of the games popular not only to kids but adults as well. People find it enjoyable especially in the rural areas to spend time with. Players only need a Sungka board and pieces of small smooth stones or small dried shells. How Sungka being played?

Luksong Tinik - Another traditional Filipino game popular among kids. In this game, two teams of equal members with a leader called "mother" (someone who can jump the highest among the group). Kids use their hands and feet in building the "tinik." Find here how Luksong Tinik being played.

Palo-Sebo - A traditional Filipino game being played on town fiesta. It involves players climbing a greased bamboo to get the flag atop of it. More of Palo-Sebo here.

It is really kind of long to have our traditional games listed here. Filipinos especially kids appreciate the games and have fun playing it. Also, it brings back the old time of Philippine generation when there still no high tech playing gadgets around like PSP, Nintendo, Play Station, etc. and everything is so simple but people get to enjoy the time.