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Treat Your Car Like Your Own Child

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Having a car is everyone's dream, but not everybody can take care of their car. Often I find, my friends can only drive their car but can't look after it. Many times I saw their cars dirty or scratched. It's very much different with my father-in-law. He always takes care of his car, and thank God, my hubby has this habit too. He learned much of taking care a car from his father when he was a teenager and his father always and always told him to do this, and always reminded him that we should treat our car as our own child. No doubt, his car (and our car now) is always shiny and clean. I want to share some of my hubby's tips of taking care of the car, which he inherited from his old man. Here they are:

1. After riding your car, always spend some time to wash it. The best time to do this chore is in the early morning. Yes, right in the morning after you use it the day before. This is no exception.

2. If you don't have time to wash it yourself, you can go to the car wash service nearby. Well, actually my hubby doesn't like his car washed by them because sometimes they don't wash it clean enough. Some hidden surfaces like in the corners of the door hinges are sometimes missed. So it's best if you can wash it yourself (should be very detailed when washing it, though). And bringing in the whole family in this car washing chore, it could be fun too!:)

3. Choose the right soap for your car. You could buy soap specially made for cars that are available on the market. Or else, you could use liquid soap which is light, and contains no antibacterial or antiseptic formula.

4. After washing it, dry it with sponge or cloth specially made to absorb water residue (plas chamois). This plas chamois is perfect for car drying, because this stuff is not harmful for your car (leaving no scratches to the body of the car). Select plas chamois which is proven as high-quality one.

5. For the interior cleaning, you could use a small vacuum cleaner, or car liquid spray.

6. Tune up or get to the original dealer for check up, service and/or maintenance once a month or two months. This is a very important thing to keep your car a 'healthy' one.

7. Always be very careful when driving. You don't want to get even a scratch on your car, right?:)

Well, this is not an easy chore but I'm sure if you are determined to get your car always clean, shiny, and in a very good condition, you could do it. My hubby could do it, why couldn't you? Car is a big asset so taking care of it is abig responsibility for every owner.