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Trip Na Trip Travel Show At Abs Cbn Network

Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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Trip na Trip Travel Show

One travel show in the Philippines that is truly helpful and entertaining for local and foreign tourists is "Trip na Trip" being shown at ABS-CBN Network every Friday. Although it is being aired quite late and almost past mid-night I still care to watch the show because it makes me travel around the Philippines and discover the beautiful and hidden places of my beloved country.

The travel show features a specific place every airtime and it was very informative, educational and entertaining as well. The hosts Kat Kat de Castro, Uma Khouny, Jason Gainza, Kian Kazemi and Franzen Fajardo has a portion wherein they show different means of transportation in the featured place, the expensive and cheaper one. Also, they showcase the different accommodations available in the place ranging from the expensive ones down to economical inns. Sometimes they do insert history or feature a place in time for a festival. As a mom who loves to cook I appreciate the part of the show wherein they feature certain dishes from their featured place. The entertainment comes in during a mini game and the hosts play the game.

"Trip na Trip" is very informative because they feature even the most hidden places in the Philippines. They actually help in promoting different places and gives information from transportation to accommodation, food, etc. The show is being replayed in US and Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Asia through The Filipino Channel of ABS-CBN Network.

The show not only promotes the Philippine tourist but educate as well televiewers like me who is not familiar with travel costs. I thought traveling is kind of expensive but this show opens my eyes not only on the hidden beauties of my country but also ignite my interest to explore Philippines with different options that fit my budget.

Thanks "Trip na Trip" and more power!!!