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Try Eyebrow Threading Instead Of Waxing

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For Mother's Day this year my daughter and I gave ourselves a day of beauty and shopping. For the beauty part, we got our hair and eyebrows done but instead of getting our eyebrows waxed, we decided to try eyebrow threading instead.

Threading is an ancient hair removal technique believed to have originated in India but is widely practiced throughout Asia and the Middle East. It is now becoming extremely popular here in the United States. In some countries it's taught to girls at a very young age and is a skill that is often passed down through generations in families. In the U.S., eyebrow threading is probably the most popular type of threading done but it can also be used for any facial hair as well as hair from other parts of the body. Unlike waxing, threading pulls out the hair and the root but does not remove a layer of skin making it gentler and safer for people with sensitive skin, acne or people who are on certain medications. Some believe that with this technique the hair grows back more slowly than with other methods of hair removal and with regular sessions becomes finer and more sparse.

A threading technician's only tool is a double stranded cotton thread. The thread is traditionally held in the mouth at one end and twisted and rolled on the skin catching the hairs which it pulls out in a clean line. It makes a very unique sound when it pulls and like both waxing and plucking there is some pain involved. I found it less painful than waxing but my daughter felt it was worse and vowed to never get it done again. The whole process to shape and trim our brows took less than 5 minutes. We did experience some redness that lasted for about an hour after the process but the results were amazing. The lines were crisp and clean and something I could have never achieved on my own.

Prices for threading vary depending on the salon and the areas of the body being done. I have seen several local salons that are now offering it and we had it done at a Threading Lounge in a local mall. The cost for eyebrows there was $10.00 but I have seen it offered for as little as $7.00.

After trying it once, I am now a huge fan and look forward to going back and getting it done again in the near future.