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Tumblr Vs. Facebook

Christina Wang By Christina Wang on
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Tumblr and Facebook is something that all of you should know about. Facebook is a website where you can socialize with your friends. But Tumblr is a website where you can blog and reblog anything you want. This article will describe each website and saying which one is better according to me. But i'm not sure what others think because as you know, everyone have different opinions since we are all different.

On tumblr, people usually just follow others because of certain interests that they have & no one would really judge you since no one really knows you. Tumblr is what's on your mind and your afraid to say so you just reblog (or blog) things that relate to you & im pretty sure that most people on tumblr can relate to you. But, the only bad thing about tumblr is that there are strangers (creeps). So, my best choice if you want to make an account would be, not to use your real picture, just use some cartoon or something. There are also ask boxes where others can ask you questions, you can choose to answer or choose to delete it. To be honest, I love tumblr; it's a website that I go on a lot these days. It's better than facebook. Lolz.

For facebook, you have friends & family there and they would usually judge for who you are since they know you. The only thing that I like about facebook is that, there are apps, games, pages, etc. and you aren't really bored by it incase you do get bored somehow. At first, the apps are addicting, trust me, I use + in LOVE with Farmville, but after awhile, it gets annoying since most games, you need to buy things there to make the game better. There are also chats there in facebook where you can talk to your friends in private.

As you can see, I prefer tumblr over facebook. If you have a lot of followers on tumblr, it gets really fun since you will take like 20-30min just to read and reblog things & you don't really get bored like that. On tumblr, you can even edit your own profile & stuff while on facebook, all you see is that plain background. Now, enough talking about tumblr & facebook. Which one do you prefer better, tumblr or facebook?