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Two Websites That Pay You Review

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The internet is a key source to earning some pocket-money now a day. But those who are new to the online earn money thing might find this useful. Recently I tried out two online sites one is a pay-per-click and the other is a pay per survey to see if they were legit and a good source of generating income. The first site that I have tried is Panda Research at first I thought this might be a scam however I completed the surveys and in one month I had accumulated the required $50.00 for collection. It wasn’t until I requested collection of the amount and received my first payment to my PayPal that I believed this was a legit website. It took four weeks for my payment to arrive which for me was a bit slow. Currently I am at thirty-four dollars on the site so we will have to see if they honor the second payment and how long that takes to arrive since the first took three weeks.


The Second site that I am trying out is wordlinx this site pays one cent per ad click which is not bad however it is a lot of work I am at twelve dollars but it took me a month to get there so if you don’t mind the wait then a month is not too bad. I am still looking for more sites that are legit and actually do pay their members so far shared reviews, panda research and wordlinx are my top three.


These three sites have its good points. Like other pay to sites, you receive a certain amount of money for completing each sites requirements. For instance wordlinx pays .0001 per click which is pretty low, and Panda Research pays various amounts per survey ranging from .0001 to $50.00 which is profitable however payment takes four weeks which is slow. The best part about these three websites is that they are actually paying their members plus you don't even need to request your payment if you're using PayPal. I prefer to use PayPal so if you do not already have a Paypal account I would suggest getting one.

Additionally, please leave your opinion I if anyone has positive feedback about other sites they have found to be legit don't be shy to share your thoughts about different websites you are using to generate some income. Thanks for taking the time to read my article and hopefully you found it useful.