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Ufc: Mix Martial Arts

By ladychai on
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Have you ever watched UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship? If so, then you know what mix martial arts is all about. UFC was introduced to me by my ex, when I was still pregnant we would watch UFC in our living room or he would buy some DVDs and watch in his room. I guess this is kind of the reason why my daughter loves to grapple me all the time to the point of submission. LOL

It is rare for a girl to like sports especially as intense as mix martial arts but mix martial arts has been gaining popularity since UFC last started on1993.In fact one female celebrity I know have become a huge fan of this sport, Mandy Moore.

Mix Martial Arts or MMA has had its share of dark seasons due to lack of proper ruling. Before headbutts are allowed but it has been proven to be dangerous to the players and can ultimately cause death that's why today's players are more fortunate. Today, MMA now has a ruling body that determines what attacks are allowed, The International Sport Combat Federation (ISCF) makes these rules and these has been unified and put into use nt only by UFC but also other MMA tournaments like Shooto, Pride and many others.

MMA has evolved since 1993 and because of its popularity, tournaments have been held even in amateur leagues. Before each martial arts discipline holds their own tournaments and restricted it to individual disciplines but now there have been tournaments specific for mix martial arts.

My favorite practitioners for this sport are Hawaii's BJ Penn, Canada's George St. Pierre, and Filipino pride Brandon Vera. BJ Penn has really evolved as a serious fighter winning almost all of his fights, GSP is one calm fighter and he really looks very humble while Brandon Vera, although he had his share of ups and downs he still is one formidable fighter for me not just because he is a Filipino but because he is showing a lot of promise.

I am pretty sure that MMA will continue to evolve and I would personally say that it is better than any other pay per view tournaments like boxing and pro wrestling.