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Uncle Ben's Ready Rice Cajun Style

By joey on
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I wanted to have something that I could make very quickly when I am on the go or strapped for time as many of us are in these challenging times. Having a dog to take care of and the responsibilities of work and home sometimes leave me far short time wise. To my knowledge this is a pretty new product. I saw it on the shelves at the local stop and shop and what caught my eye was the 90 second preparation time in the microwave oven. Well this particular one is the cajun style which comes with bell peppers and red beans. This is a cholesterol free food with no saturated fat but where Uncle Ben fell down on this one is the sodium content. The bag consists of 2 servings for the container but each one has 980 mg of sodium which is somewhere in outer space. Way too much so even though this product is really quite tasty I tend to worry quite a bit on products that have this much sodium. I would like to see them do something to lower this figure. In this day and age they can certainly do better than that. If they don't another company will for sure. On the plus side it does contain 3 g of fiber per serving as well as no trans fat. A few words on the preparation of this product. You are supposed to squeeze the bag some in order to set up the rice and then tear the sides some to make vents. Like the instructions say it really is ready in about 90 seconds. They even put a special area on each side of the bag for you to pick it up with your hands so you don't get burned. I thought that to be pretty unique. If microwaving is not your forte there are instructions to prepare it in the skillet. The bag is 8.5 ounces. The bag says that it is a product of Canada.