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Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Boil In Bag Brown Rice

By joey on
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I had been looking for something simple to make as I am on the go much of the time between work and the duties to my dog and home. i have liked the boil in a bag concept for rice for sometime now and I saw a fairly new product from Uncle Ben's. It is whole grain brown rice that you boil in a bag. It makes two cup bags of rice. It takes about ten minutes or so to cook it depending how you like your rice. There are 4 bags per box. Box being about 14 ounces. The price is about three dollars per box. I am thinking the price is not too bad and i usually like to steam my vegetables and throw them atop the rice. Makes a great meal that way. I also will use the rice as a side after grilling chicken or fish. It compliments the main dish very nicely to say the least. I usually put a little smart balance spread on top of the rice and am ready to go. I find it quite tasty and my dog Maverick loves it too. I usually share with him. I have never seen him run so fast for his food bowl as when he knows that i have cooked rice for us. I am trying to eat healthy and the merits of brown rice over white are pretty obvious. Of course this is sodium and cholesterol free unless you add stuff to it that has it. You can also microwave this product if you wish to. Ever since I came upon this product I have been raving about the taste. I have tried other brands as well but according to my taste buds Uncle Ben's is the real winner. I can not speak for the microwave way of cooking this because I have always boiled it. Of course it comes in the traditional orange colored box that many of their products have come in over the years. I really like this product quite a bit and highly recommend it to anyone who likes rice but does not want to have to cook it the old fashion way that takes way too long to make.