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Uniqlo, One Of New York's Hottest Stores.

Christopher Maldonado By Christopher Maldonado on
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Shirts displayed on Uniqlo's website.

Uniqlo is a Japanese trade marked clothing store, that's sweeping Soho off its feet. Uniqlo has everything from belts to seasonal clothing. This trendy clothing store has both male and female products. It's on the "shopping block" in Soho, New York. I've been to hundreds of clothing stores and have never seen anything like Uniqlo. Soho is known as a creative district. You can see paintings on buildings, high fashion clothing in the window, and high-class restaurants on every block. Uniqlo has 3 floors and is a huge tourist site in New York. This clothing store has many events, parties, sales, and celebrities every year. The prices for most of the clothing are really reasonable, especially for Japanese imported clothing.

The service and employees are really amazing. I visited Uniqlo recently and couldn't find a pair of jeans, they literally went in the back and checked each box until they found me the pair that I wanted. The employees greet you with a smile that can be seen within a mile. The service is 100% guaranteed to reeling you back in when you want to go shopping again. The design and overall look of the store s fantastic. As soon as you come in, you immediately see something you like. Every time I visit Uniqlo, there is always someone waiting t greet me at the door. It's easy to find what you want, and there are many registers to pay for the merchandise fast and efficiently.

Each floor is literally stocked with everything you can imagine. Each floor is filled with shirts, pants, jeans, socks, under clothing, etc. I always see their "comment box" full when i visit the store every year.Finally, Uniqlo is a must see tourist attraction in Soho, New York, and don't forget to check out there website.

www.uniqlo.com or www.uniqlo.com/uk